Welcome to 15 Audio

15 Audio’s mission is purely concerned with delivering the finest in HiFi sound reproduction.

There is HiFi equipment that can be bought on the high street and there is HiFi that is from another world… This is the world that can be found at 15 Audio.

At 15 Audio we not only listen to HiFi, we listen to the customer. The customer alone knows their music and what is right for them.

Based in Lancashire we serve both North and South of the UK, offering a whole range of high end products to cover every aspect of your listening enjoyment.

Our products include: Audience Cables, Boulder Amplifiers, Brodmann speakers, Creektiv stand solutions, Lindemann digital products, Kennerton headphones, SSC supports, TAD digital products and speakers, Thorens turntables, plus many more.

We believe that HiFi can never be really judged until it is in your own home, therefore we operate a programme of ‘Home Trial’ schemes. You the customer can experience the equipment in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Listening to your own music in your surrounding will enable you to choose what feels right for your system.

Whether a £500 turntable or a £150,000 system, we will tailor to match your budget. If you already know what you want, we can offer the best price available on your preferred brand.

Couple all the above with an installation and support service and you have a complete package for all your HiFi needs.