Lector CDP 7 TL

For over thirty-five years Lector has dedicated their minds to the design and manufacture of quality audio products for those who can feel the deep, inner emotion of true musical performance.

Our only objective is to be able to recreate the illusion and perfect realism of true, live music in your living room.

Our products are all handcrafted. They are produced with music in mind and not just for the sake of technical specifications.

Lector Strumenti Audio has been pioneering hybrid technology since 1982, designing and introducing in the market the very first tube-based, Audio CD player and DAC back in 1989.

Ever since, our product portfolio has been growing with products able to reproduce music with unparalleled quality, gaining prestigious acknowledgments like the Golden Hear award by Absolute Sound Magazine in 2004, amongst others.

All our products are original designs, developed by our highly experienced engineers. Our electronics boards use carefully selected, top class components.  Mechanical parts are also individually designed by us and produced locally.

Equipment assembly and testing take place at our facility in Pavia, Italy.

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