Shindo Laboratory

Cortese 300B

Shindo Laboratory was established in 1977 with one goal in mind, to create the best musical experience in the home. Ken Shindo and his wife Harumi worked hard for over 30 years quietly designing and refining what they refer to as “The music mind”. It takes more than just a degree from electronics school to create the highest level of realism from hi-fi; It takes passion, skill, an open mind and a life long quest for perfection.
All of the Shindo designs use premium NOS parts and tubes to really capture the essence of the musical performance.
Ken sadly passed away in early 2014, however his son Takashi is continuing the tradition started by his father, having worked closely with him for many years.
Once you have experienced the Shindo Sound it is hard to go back to anything else!
These components are carefully built one at a time, just like in the old days.
Shindo products are designed to be used in a complimentary way, with each piece reinforcing the others to provide a performance whose sum is greater than the individual components.

We specialise in the Monbrison Preamp and the Cortese 300B power amp.

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